Macintosh Software

Font Safari

Font Safari 1.5.1

Let Font Safari be your guide as you navigate your system fonts. View your fonts in the character maps view, telescope view, and see the entire font family rendering a common or custom phrase. Includes support for multiple language keyboard shortcuts and string encodings.

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Net Stakeout

Net Stakeout 1.0

Instant internet notification made easy. Net Stakeout is an Internet Utility which notifies you when there are changes to watched web links. Designed for avid news/blog readers who want to be notified soon after there is new content available. Net Stakeout is also a valuable tool to assist web-masters for any changes to the content or status of their sites.

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Productivity 1.0.1

Personal profiler of your computer usage. Productivity is an application to profile your interactions with your computer. Use this utility to help you evaluate the productivity of your day, week, month or even year.

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